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5 Reasons Why People are Switching to Ductless Heat Pumps

5 Reasons Why People are Switching to Ductless Heat Pumps

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In the past several decades, ductless heat pumps have become the top choice for most homeowners in the Clackamas area. However, many are unclear on the difference between the various Heating and Air Conditioning systems on the market. At Mt. Hood Ductless, we highly recommend looking into a ductless heat pump to manage the temperature inside your home effectively.

You are probably wondering why so many homeowners are opting for ductless heat pumps. Continue reading to learn about the top five benefits of these systems.

5 Benefits of Ductless Heat Pumps

  1. Non-obtrusive

If you have ever owned a furnace, you know how frustrating it can be to design your space around this cumbersome piece of equipment. Ductless heat pumps are compact, operate without any ductwork, and can be installed virtually anywhere inside your home as long as they are connected to an outdoor unit.

  1. Easy installation

The cost of an HVAC unit installation can be incredibly high, depending on the time and knowledge it takes to complete the task. Ductless heat pumps are the most straightforward heating and cooling systems to install, given their small size and simple design. Our technicians will simply position the air-handler(s) inside your home and connect them to a compressor outside through a small conduit.

  1. Safe and clean

Ductless heat pumps are considered a safer heating option than traditional gas furnaces. With these modern units, there is a reduced risk of combustion. Additionally, homeowners that use ductless heat pumps can enjoy clean, filtered air at all times. Fresh air from outside is circulated inside the home through one or more air handlers.

  1. Opportunities to save money

There are a few factors that affect the overall cost of your HVAC unit. There is the cost of installation, the equipment itself, utility bills, cost of maintenance, and potential for regional environmental incentives. Ductless heat pumps are incredibly low-maintenance systems that operate at a much lower monthly cost than furnaces. Their efficiency also makes it possible for owners to seek out financial incentives. At Mt. Hood Ductless, we are happy to help you finance your ductless heat pump.

  1. Heat distribution

With options like the whole house ductless heat pump, it is easy to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. Homeowners can also fine-tune the temperature in various rooms using a multi-room ductless heat pump.

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