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Portland Heat Pumps vs. Portland Air Conditioning

If you’ve already got a perfectly good air conditioner in your Portland home, why should you consider upgrading to a Portland heat pump? Because it’s like a standard air conditioner – but better!

Moving Heat to Create Cold

People often assume that air conditioners “create” cold air somehow, but that’s not how they work. In fact, an air conditioner is designed to capture hot air and then move it outdoors – leaving cold air behind.

It does this by using a cooling fluid that circulates through the system. The fluid captures heat as it moves through your home, using a repeating cycle of evaporation and condensation to push the heat outdoors via the outside unit.

Fundamentally, heat pumps work in the same way – with one twist.

Portland Heat Pumps Are Next-Level Air Conditioners

So, what makes a heat pump different? It can do the heat transfer in both directions! A heat pump can cool your home just like an air conditioner, but it can also grab heat energy from the outside air and pump it into your home to provide heating. It’s a two-in-one solution that does everything an air conditioner can and more!

Installing a heat pump means you don’t need two separate energy-hungry appliances to keep your home comfortable. A heat pump does everything by itself.

In addition, the latest development in heat pumps – ductless mini-split heat pumps – bring even more advantages. These systems are miniaturized, using small blowers in every room hooked up to their own outside fan units. This brings you full room-by-room climate control over your entire house. 

The Many Benefits of Ductless Portland Heat Pumps

Save money. Heat pumps are the most energy-efficient option for home heating and cooling. In virtually all cases, they’ll use less power than a furnace/AC combo.

Save the planet. Because heat pumps are so efficient, they also help reduce our overall power use and lower the carbon footprint of our energy systems.

Easy installation. Ductless heat pumps are easy to install and are recommended for older homes lacking central ductwork.

Safer operation. Ductless heat pumps are becoming smaller and entirely electric. There’s less risk of fires, gas leaks, or other safety problems associated with standard home HVAC systems.

Room-by-room climate control. There’s no more fighting over the thermostat! Every room can be set to the exact temperature you want.

Enjoy government rebates. Government environmental agencies at every level and local power plants like Portland General Electric offer rebates, discounts, and other benefits for upgrading to heat pumps – but you need to buy from an authorized retailer!

 Heat Pump Service and Installation in Portland

Mt. Hood Ductless is your source for Portland’s best heat pump systems. Whether you’re building a new home or want to upgrade to the latest money-saving technology, contact our team to learn about your options!