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Choose Mt. Hood Ductless for Portland Heat Pump Repair and  Maintenance!

Heat Pumps are quickly becoming the favorite new type of condo and home HVAC system here in Portland and around Oregon. Heat Pumps bring better energy savings than any other home climate control type while combining heating and cooling into a single low-cost unit.

A ductless heat pump can bring you years of excellent service, month after month, whether you need it hot or cold. Heat pumps are also easy to maintain, but that doesn’t mean they’re fire-and-forget. Like any other major home appliance, they need repairs and general maintenance from time to time.

That’s when you should remember Mt. Hood Ductless – your source for the best in Portland, OR, heat pump repair, maintenance, and installation!

Optimize Your Ductless Heat Pump with Bi-Annual Maintenance Check-Ups

For the best efficiency from your heat pump, it should receive a check-up from qualified professionals every six months. This might seem like a lot, but it’s no different from having a separate furnace and A/C units serviced once a year. 

Since a heat pump is an all-in-one unit, it does twice as much work as a single furnace or A/C, so it needs maintenance more often.

Routine check-ups from Mt. Hood Ductless are quick and inexpensive while guaranteeing you’re getting the absolute best performance from your heat pump year-round. Plus, a check-up will spot any minor issues before they become big problems, saving you on repairs.

Mt. Hood Can Repair Your Ductless Heat Pump Whenever Needed

Of course, accidents happen. If your heat pump should ever break down, Mt. Hood Ductless can be on the job, getting it back up and running ASAP!

These are some of the warning signs you may need Portland heat pump repair:

Cold air instead of hot, or vice versa. Occasionally the valves in your heat pump may get stuck, causing the opposite type of air to blow from what you want.

Ice buildup on the outdoor unit. During colder weather, the outdoor unit may ice over. It has an automatic defrost option, but sometimes you need professionals to knock the ice off and ensure everything is working correctly.

Strange sounds or smells. A ductless heat pump is nearly silent, and the outdoor unit shouldn’t make much noise either. Neither of them should produce much of a scent.

Dripping water. If the indoor unit is dripping, there’s an issue with the condenser or drainage. We can help!

Choose Mt. Hood For All Your Ductless Heat Pump Needs

We can handle installation, repairs, and maintenance on all types of ductless heat pumps. We’re a fully licensed and authorized retailer, and we can also work with you to claim benefits from Portland General Electric or government agencies that can reduce your cost of ownership.

Whenever you’re having problems with your heat pump, contact Mt. Hood ductless for fast, professional help!