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Ruud RP17 - Mt hood Ductless

Heat Pump Offers

As an approved trade ally contractor of Energy Trust of Oregon, we are
qualified to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

Heat pumps are very efficient, and energy-conscious Oregonians save on their energy bills using this technology. The Ruud RP17 Side-Discharge Heat Pump & Multi-Position Air Handler offers a Sound & Space Constraint Solution that provides an efficiency of 19 SEER/12 EER / 10.7 HSPF. With this efficiency, you will qualify for Energy Trust’s incentive. PLEASE NOTE THIS OFFER WILL EXPIRE WITHOUT NOTICE.

What comfort solution is best for your home? We have the answer.

Save $250—$3,650

Furnace and Heat Pump Incentives

Cooling Efficiencies: 19 SEER-12 EER Heating Efficiencies: 10.7 HSPF

Optimal, Energy Efficient Comfort Year-Round

The variable speed, inverter technology on the Ruud® Achiever Plus® Series RP17**H Heat Pump provides just the right amount of heating and cooling under all conditions for dependable comfort and energy savings year-round./p>

Also, the Ruud RHMV*****N Air Handler features a high-efficiency, constant CFM, variable-speed motor with modulating airflow—the heart of the air handler. When the unit is matched with the RP17**H Heat Pump, it is able to run at speeds that match the requirements of the home.

Improving the energy efficiency of a home can significantly reduce energy bills. Not everyone, however, can afford to make these updates.

Exploring new ways on how you heat (and cool) your home is one of the most effective ways to lower your energy bills. And you don’t have to endure the freezing cold or scorching heat — there are several ways to keep your family comfortable without a big bank account.

Give us a call, and we will match a solution to your budget! Call Mt. Hood Ductless now: 503-387-6267