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Get Heat Pumps in Portland

Heat pumps are quickly taking over home heating and air conditionering systems – and it’s easy to see why. Heat pumps are the most energy-efficient option for condos, home heating, and air conditioners, saving you money year-round! You can also feel good knowing you’re making less of an impact on the planet by reducing your energy use.

If your electric bills continue to rise year after year, or you feel like your current air conditioning system isn’t good enough, now might be the right time to install your heat pump in Portland.

How Heat Pumps Work

The brilliance of heat pumps comes from their simplicity: they’re simply air conditioners that run both ways. Like a standard electrical air conditioner, they use coolant through a condensing and evaporating cycle, which captures heat and removes it from the air. The difference is that they can do the same thing in reverse.

Heat Pumps capture heat from your home and pumps it outside when it’s hot inside. But when it’s cold, Heat Pumps capture ambient heat outdoors and move it indoors. A heat pump is a single unit that takes care of all your cooling and heating for your home!

New ductless heat pumps in Portland take this to the next level. Each room has a self-contained miniature heat pump so you can control your home’s temperature on a room-by-room basis. This creates even more ways to reduce your energy use and save money year-round.

Why Install Ductless Heat Pumps in Portland?

Save Money. Heat pumps use less fuel than any other heating/cooling system, which saves you money – and helps protect the environment too!

Easier maintenance. Heat pumps are relatively simple, making them far less challenging to work with than standard heaters and air conditioners.

Two-in-One design. Why have two separate appliances to pay for and maintain when a heat pump can handle all your heating and cooling in one?

Quiet operation. Heat pump fan units are tranquil, so you hardly know they’re there.

Improved safety. Large electric heaters can be fire hazards. Anything running on natural gas has the potential for deadly gas leaks. Heat pumps are the safest option for home climate control.

Save more with rebates. Nearby utility companies like Portland General Electric and local, state, and Federal agencies offer rebates and other benefits to heat pump owners – but you need to buy from Mt. Hood Ductless, an authorized dealer.

Stay Comfortable with Mt. Hood Ductless Heat Pumps!

Mt. Hood Ductless is your source for the best in Portland heat pump installation, repairs, and maintenance. If you’re ready for the best option in condo and home heating and cooling, contact us to discuss whether ductless heat pumps are suitable for you.