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Five Reasons to Install a Mounted Wall Heater

Five Reasons to Install a Mounted Wall Heater

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Are you having trouble heating specific areas of your home with your current HVAC system? The floor plan, the number of windows, and entryways you have can seriously affect how heat flows throughout your home.

Mounted wall heater replacements offer a solution to this problem by heating and cooling the building based on zoning technology. These systems are an excellent option, offering a range of benefits that are unique to wall heaters. Please continue reading to learn more about the five key benefits of ductless mounted wall heaters from our technicians at Mt. Hood Ductless.

The Benefits of Mounted Wall Heaters

1. Simple installation

Mounted wall heaters are among the most straightforward HVAC systems to install. These ductless heat pump installations are small, non-obtrusive, quickly positioned, and properly connected utility lines to the outdoor unit. For the best results, homeowners should always hire a reputable HVAC technician to complete the installation.

2. Energy efficiency

Mounted wall heaters are some of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems on the market. These units quickly detect the temperature inside your home, can be set to various temperatures from room to room according to your needs, and are considered far more efficient than electric heaters.

3. Zoning technology

Many homeowners rely on whole-house systems set to a single fixed temperature; ductless wall heater replacements offer an innovative method of heating based on allocated zones. If you prefer to have a cool upstairs bedroom and a toasty living area on your main floor, a wall heater replacement may be perfect for you.

4. Production of hot and cold air

Not only do wall mounted heaters warm your home, but these small powerhouses also work as air conditioners. Gone are the days when homeowners have to install and maintain multiple HVAC systems in a compact space. Modern wall heaters are versatile and convenient, providing a range of temperatures.

5. Noise reduction

Many of our clients at Mt. Hood Ductless note the non-invasive quality of these wall heaters. These systems will cool down or warm up your home without the loud noises you expect from an electric heater. This makes these units much less noticeable, which is especially useful in a small home.

Wall Heater Replacement 

Are you looking for a subtle, innovative HVAC system that incorporates modern zoning technology along with a wide range of temperatures? Contact us today to learn more about our Clackamas ductless heat pump installations!