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How Do Wall Mounted Air Conditioners Compare to Other HVAC Systems?

How Do Wall Mounted Air Conditioners Compare to Other HVAC Systems?

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Choosing the HVAC system which you plan to have installed in your Clackamas home is a big decision, which could result in insufficient heating and cooling, ongoing repairs, or other consequences should you make the wrong choice. At Mt. Hood Ductless, we believe that ductless heat pumps and wall-mounted air conditioners are the top choices for homes of all sizes.

If you are thinking about installing a wall heater replacement or another type of HVAC system, make sure you read the following comparison before spending money on an expensive unit.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners vs. Other HVAC Systems

Environmental concerns

When it comes to high-powered HVAC units, energy consumption is a significant concern. To simplify things, shoppers can look for a SEER rating, which stands for ‘Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.’ This number indicates energy consumption, with numbers between 10-20 being the most energy-efficient. Wall heater replacements score high in this area with ratings of up to 20. Additionally, energy consumption is partially dependent on the quality of the installation, which is why you should always call an experienced HVAC technician to install your system for you.

Equipment size

Depending on the size of your home, a bulky HVAC system can limit interior design possibilities and cause your space to appear much smaller. With our ductless heat pumps in Clackamas, there is no unnecessary piping or equipment in the way. Our units are small and can be installed in a variety of places. Our wall heaters also can heat and cool your home all in one, meaning there is no need for multiple cumbersome pieces of equipment.


Depending on the type of HVAC unit you purchase, the price can vary from less than $1,000 to nearly $7,000. Additionally, homeowners must take monthly utility costs into account. Wall heater replacements are a great option for those looking for an efficient, low-cost piece of equipment. These systems vary in price depending on the number of zones you choose to heat and cool, along with how many units you plan to install. However, ductless heat pumps are easy to maintain and efficient enough to keep energy bills down. At Mt. Hood Ductless, our clients can also explore our financing options if money is a concern.

We Have Your Clackamas HVAC Needs Covered

There are many things to consider when investing in an essential piece of equipment like an HVAC unit. To learn more about the advantages of our wall heater replacements, contact us today.