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Should you Get A Ductless Heat Pump or A Furnace?

Should you Get A Ductless Heat Pump or A Furnace?

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Our team at Mt. Hood Ductless wanted to help our Clackamas homeowners decide between buying a furnace or a ductless heat pump system. To help make things easier, we’ve put the two head-to-head, so you can see for yourself which is the best option.

Long-term Costs & Efficiency 

This round has to go to ductless heat pumps, as they are far superior when it comes to efficiency and lowering your energy bills. Roughly, they cost about half as much to operate as furnaces since they only need a very small about of energy to function. Conversely, a furnace gobbles up a lot of fuel or energy to run.

So, if you’re looking to save on energy bills and be greener, look no further than a ductless heat pump.

What Can They Do?

Once again, this round also goes to ductless heat pump systems. Furnaces can be suitable for heating your home, but unfortunately, that’s all they can do. Once summer hits, they provide no use to you and your family. On the other hand, ductless heat pumps not only heat your Clackamas house in the winter but also can cool it during those scorching summer days.

Ductless Heat Pumps take air from the outside and bring it back into your home. Thanks to technology, this function works for both cooling and heating – it can reverse cold air from outside and turn it into warm air.


And lastly, this final round also goes to ductless heat pumps. Not only are they more energy-efficient and work both in the summer and winter, but they are also significantly easier to install compared to furnaces and other HVAC options. You won’t have to worry about installing massive ducts into your house and days upon days of installation and hassle. Professional ductless heat pump installation is quick and easy and will take less than a day to install.

Get Ductless Heat Pumps Sales & Installation Services in Clackamas 

So, as you can see from this post, a ductless heat pump system can do it all for your Clackamas house and family. When you choose us, we not only offer sales on ductless heat pumps, but we also have financing options with flexible monthly payment plans. Contact our team today to get started!