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Signs That You Need to Invest in Wall Heater Replacement

Signs That You Need to Invest in Wall Heater Replacement

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Wall Heater Replacement in Portland

Signs That You Need to Invest in Wall Heater Replacement

An efficient and reliable technology, wall heaters are extremely useful and have made many people’s lives much easier. Although there are ways to keep your appliance in good condition, there are also some signs to tell if it needs attention. Mt. Hood Ductless tells you some ways to tell if you need wall heater replacement in Portland

What to Know About Gas vs. Electric Wall Heaters

Gas Wall Heaters:

● Anchor to the wall and uses piped gas to produce heat.

● Cost-effective appliance. 

● Life expectancy of about 15 years, but can survive up to 30 years with maintenance.

● Has a pilot light that ignites gas at the base, allowing for instant warmth.

● Newer models are highly efficient.

Electric Wall Heaters:

● An internal heating element in a lightweight metal frame.

● Powered by an electrical current.

● A built-in thermostat that controls the heat level in a room.

Signs for Wall Heater Replacement

If you don’t regularly maintain your existing wall heater, this may cause many problems in the future. Below are some issues that may lead to you having to replace your wall heater:

Increase in energy bills – If your gas bill is higher than usual, it might be because your wall heater is losing efficiency.

Bad air quality – A good indicator of poor air quality is an excess of dust and humidity problems in your home. If not regularly maintained, gas-powered wall heaters can emit carbon monoxide, which is harmful to breathe. Air quality is crucial and you should be monitored.

Frequent cycling – If your wall heater is constantly turning on and off, this is known as cycling and means your wall heater might need fixing.

Uneven heating – Wall heater replacement might be needed if your wall heater is distributing heat unevenly. You can tell if this is the case if one room is warm and the other isn’t or if cold air is coming out when hot air should. The heating element might be corroded if you have an electric wall heater, and it takes a while to warm a room.

Unusual smell – An abnormal smell could mean that something such as the valves, refrigerant, or compressor has stopped functioning. If you smell something burning, turn your heater off and call your electricity or gas provider. 

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