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Does Your Ductless Air Conditioning In Clackamas Need Repairs?

Does Your Ductless Air Conditioning In Clackamas Need Repairs?

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Ductless air conditioning systems are the latest evolution in heat pump technology. They take the same energy-saving principles as traditional heat pumps but turn them into small single-room units that allow for total indoor air control in every room. 

Like other types of heat pumps, your ductless air conditioning in Clackamas offers excellent energy efficiency and can last for years – but they may still need repairs from time to time.

How do you know when your ductless AC system is in trouble? Watch out for some of these main trouble signs.

Three Signs Your Ductless Air Conditioning In Clackamas Is In Need Of Repair

1 – Not enough cold air

The main job of your ductless AC system is to provide cold air, so if it isn’t cooling the room, that’s a big problem. The inability to cool is an issue with the outdoor unit most of the time, where the actual heat exchange occurs.

In some cases, this is just a problem with a dirty or clogged air filter, which you can take care of yourself. Also, the system may occasionally freeze over in the winter and automatically go into a thawing mode that shuts off the heating for a few minutes – but it shouldn’t last long. If there’s any other issue, you’ll want to call for ductless heat pump repairs.

2 – Rising energy bills

When installing a ductless heat pump system, your HVAC bills should go down, not up. However, increased energy usage is a sign of a problem with the system – again, usually in the outdoor unit. Or a change in user habits.

If possible, track your utility bills to keep an eye on your electric costs. If they start going up unexpectedly, there’s a good chance the AC system is having trouble.

3 – Strange noises

Your indoor AC unit should be virtually silent, aside from very low fan noise. The outdoor unit will be noisier, but it should still have a familiar sound. If you hear rattling, buzzing, metallic scraping, or other strange sounds coming from the outdoor unit, shut it down immediately and call for repairs.

HVAC Maintenance in Clackamas

Mt. Hood Ductless are your experts for ductless air conditioning in Clackamas County. From installation to repairs, we do it all. Whenever you need help with your ductless heat pump, contact us for repairs! 

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