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How Wall Heater Replacements Outshine Other Heating and Cooling Systems

How Wall Heater Replacements Outshine Other Heating and Cooling Systems

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HVAC units have come a long way since the early 1900s air conditioner, which clocked in at 20 feet in length. In the modern world, the options are practically endless for heating and cooling systems of all shapes, sizes, and levels of efficiency.

The question is, which is the best HVAC system for the modern homeowner? Mounted wall heaters rank high in nearly every category boasting a low cost, impressive heating and cooling power, design, and more. Our HVAC technicians at Mt. Hood Ductless have seen a steady rise in the popularity of wall heater replacements, and here we are going to explain why.

Why Mounted Wall Heater Replacements Are the Best HVAC Systems

Available from top brands

When shopping for an HVAC system, most homeowners prefer to go with models from reliable established brands. At Mt. Hood Ductless, we offer some of the best equipment from trusted brands such as Daikin so that you know “exactly” what to expect from your HVAC replacement.

A blend of convenience and function

If you are looking for a compact, easy-to-install HVAC unit that does not take up too much space inside your home, you may have considered a portable heater or fan. Unfortunately, these systems are notorious for their high energy consumption and often do not produce enough warmth or coolness. However, wall heater replacements are roughly the size of a portable system with much more complex capabilities and temperature control.


Not only is the cost of a ductless heat pump low in comparison to other HVAC systems, but it is remarkably easy to keep the cost of utility down. Homeowners can purchase multi-zone ductless units which allow them to heat and cool each room as desired. Additionally, ductless air conditioner maintenance costs are generally low due to the durability of these units.

Health benefits

Many HVAC systems recycle polluted air from outside your home, resulting in seasonal allergies and other health complications. To avoid a contaminated space, we recommend opting for an HVAC system like a ductless wall heater replacement which filters your air properly so that you walk into a fresh environment every time you come home.

Explore Superior Heating and Cooling Options at Mt. Hood Ductless

Are you unhappy with your current HVAC unit? At Mt. Hood Ductless, we value the importance of clean air, reliable brands, quality equipment, and energy efficiency. Contact us today for more information!