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4 DIY Maintenance Tips for Your Wall Furnace

4 DIY Maintenance Tips for Your Wall Furnace

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Basic Wall Heater Maintenance You Can Do

Some people choose a wall heater, or wall furnace, for room-by-room heating because the units are relatively easy to service. Since everything is built right into the wall, it’s easy to get to all the essential components. Even an amateur homeowner can do some basic maintenance and troubleshooting, which can significantly improve your experience with your wall heater.

To be clear: certain aspects of wall heater maintenance require professional help, particularly anything involving the wiring. Typically, these units run directly off the 240V electrical main and can be legitimately dangerous for amateurs to work on and be hazardous if incorrectly wired. Still, there are several things you can do before calling in a wall furnace repair service.

Four DIY Maintenance Tips for Your Wall Furnace

1. Always turn off power at the breaker first

Again, to emphasize, there’s enough current running through an electric wall heater to do real damage if you get shocked. You should always turn the heater off at the breaker before doing any maintenance on it at all.  

2. Keep the grill clean

Since wall furnaces typically do not have filters, the front grill will become dirty or even get clogged. A dirty grill will cause extra dirt and dust to spew around your room, and if it becomes clogged, it could significantly impact the performance of your heater. If it’s clogged enough, it could even become a fire hazard.

So periodically cleaning out the grill is an excellent idea and a task anyone can do.

3. Look for flaws in the wires and insulation

You don’t want to try and repair the wiring yourself – leave that to the pros – but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the wires. If you spot any broken wires or places where the insulation is coming away from the wire, call in a wall heater repair to fix them before they cause problems.

4. Keep the coils clean

The heating coils can also become dirty or clogged, so you should clean them out now and then. 

Clean the coils with a small shop vacuum or a handheld unit like a battery-operated vacuum. Otherwise, this is another potential fire hazard.

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