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A Little Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance Keeps Your Mini Split Running Great 

A Little Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance Keeps Your Mini Split Running Great 

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When properly installed, a Clackamas ductless heat pump system can last for decades while providing the absolute best in energy savings and per-room climate control. However, while ductless heat pumps (aka “mini-splits”) are pretty easy to use, they do still require some essential maintenance for best operation. If you take a little time to maintain your system correctly, it will serve you well for many years to come.

Ductless Heat Pump Maintenance

As one of the most experienced ductless heat pump maintenance and service centers in Clackamas, we know all about getting the most from a mini-split system.

Significant Tips For Maintaining Your Ductless Heat Pump 

1 – Clean the filter regularly

Filter maintenance is the most basic maintenance task for heat pumps and is easy for you to do. Every few weeks, check the indoor unit’s air filter and wipe it down with a soft cloth to remove accumulated dust and grime. This action will ensure the blower is working at the best efficiency and prevent it from blowing dirt around your room.

Filters will occasionally need to be replaced if they get too old or damaged, but if you’re careful and clean it regularly, a filter should last for a long time.

2 – Keep the outdoor unit free of debris

Your outdoor unit will tend to accumulate leaves and other debris, especially if the wind tends to blow in one direction more often than not. You should periodically inspect your outdoor unit and carefully remove any debris that’s stuck to it or gotten inside the grills and intakes.

General, try to keep the area around it clear for about a couple of feet all around for best performance.

3 – Clean the condenser coil

In most systems, the condenser coil in the outdoor unit is easy to access. It will also accumulate dirt and debris, which will quickly degrade performance. Wiping it down with a soft cloth is typically all it takes.

Two important tips. First, always shut down your heat pump before working with the condenser coil. Then give it about an hour to cool down, to make your life easier.

Regular Check-Ups Improve Your Ductless Heat Pump’s Health

Mt. Hood Ductless is your Clackamas ductless heat pump, maintenance experts. We highly recommend calling in professionals for a complete professional check-up and inspection once or twice a year for best results. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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