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Four Ways You Can Tell That Your Heat Pump Needs Repairing

Heat Pump Repair in Portland Four Ways You Can Tell That Your Heat Pump Needs Repairing Heat pumps are a great appliance as they offer year-round heating and cooling and can last years. However, there might be times when parts wear out and need to be repaired. Holding off on heat pump repair in Portland can put you in a problematic...

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Understanding Different Types of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have become one of the most popular and commonplace types of home heating and cooling systems – and for good reason. Heat pumps are highly reliable, with 20 years or more lifespans, and they are much more energy-efficient than other alternatives. Different Types of Heat Pumps How they work is surprisingly simple....

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Maintain Your Ductless Heat Pump for Best Results 

One of the many great things about heat pumps and ductless heat pumps is that they require relatively low maintenance. They’ll need less time cleaning and maintaining than other types of home HVAC systems. Ductless Heat Pump However, they do still need some care and attention. A well-maintained heat pump can easily last 20+...

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How Ductless Heat Pumps Reduce Your Energy Use in Happy Valley

Since their mainstream introduction in the 1980s, heat pumps have become one of the most popular home heating and cooling options. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is that they are by far the most energy-efficient option in home HVAC systems.  Properly installed and maintained, a heat pump system can lower...

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Is A Ductless Heat Pump the Right Choice for Your Home?

Thanks to their ease of use and outstanding energy efficiency, ductless heat pumps are take over the home heating and air conditioning industry. Ductless heat pumps (also called “mini-splits”) are the latest generation of technology. Rather than utilizing a single central system, Happy Valley ductless heat pumps have individual heating/cooling...

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