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Is It Time to Replace Your Old Heat Pump with A Ductless Heat Pump Installation?

Is It Time to Replace Your Old Heat Pump with A Ductless Heat Pump Installation?

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Today, heat pumps are becoming one of the dominant types of home HVAC systems. They’ve become a mature, well-understood technology that brings many benefits over older HVACs, with very few drawbacks. Better yet, a modern ductless heat pump installation could get you even better energy savings than before.

Ductless Heat Pump Installation

However, there were some stumbles getting to this point. Early heat pumps from the 20th Century, when the technology was new, aren’t as robust as modern systems. So, some owners of older heat pumps are starting to have problems. 

Is it time to think about ditching your old heat pump in favor of a ductless heat pump installation?  

Four Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Heat Pump

1 – Frequent breakdowns

A well-maintained heat pump should give you very few problems. If you regularly have breakdowns and component failures, that’s a big sign that it’s time to stop wasting money on nonstop heat pump repairs.

2 – Uneven heating and cooling

As old heat pumps wear out, their ability to perform begins to degrade. You might notice your heat pump is better at providing heat than cold, or vice-versa. A good heat pump should be able to perform well at both tasks.

3 – High humidity

If your heat pump’s evaporator coil has become broken, dirty, or rusted, you’re going to get a lot of extra humidity in the house. As the coil continues to fail, this issue will only get worse.

4 – Rusting

Heat pumps use rust-resistant materials in the outdoor unit, but that wears down over time. Eventually, the outdoor unit will start rusting – and that’s a big sign that it’s on its last legs. Sure, you could replace individual components, but the underlying wear won’t disappear.

Why Consider A Ductless Heat Pump Installation?

Ductless heat pumps are the latest generation of heat pump technology. Rather than a large and bulky central unit, they have individual heating/cooling units for each room linked to a small outside unit. This gives you unparalleled control over the climate in your house, allowing you to maximize your energy savings truly.

Plus, new heat pump installations are much more robust than older generations and can be expected to give you even longer lifespans.

Get Ductless Heat Pump Repairs & Installation Today

If your old heat pump is giving you problems, Mt. Hood Ductless serves the Happy Valley area with the best in ductless heat pump maintenance, repairs, products, and installation. Contact us to learn more about your options!

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