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Four Times a Ductless Air Conditioning System Is a Great Choice

Four Times a Ductless Air Conditioning System Is a Great Choice

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Heat pump technology is quickly being recognized as the best option in heating and air conditioning, thanks to its unparalleled energy efficiency compared to any other HVAC system. Ductless heat pumps are the latest variation and a new way to approach indoor climate control. Rather than being centralized, they’re standalone units that serve a single room, connected directly outdoors via small pipes rather than ductwork.

These systems aren’t suitable for every situation, but their ability to enable per-room climate control is perfect for many different applications. These are just a few times a ductless air conditioning system would be the best option.

Four Situations Where a Ductless AC System Can Thrive

1 – Your home lacks central ductwork

If your home doesn’t have ducts and you want a new AC system, ductless heat pumps are the way to go. Otherwise, you could be looking at costly home renovations to install ducts and central air – and it’s probably not worth the cost.

2 – Garages

Most of the time, garages aren’t part of a home’s central ductwork, and a detached garage will never be connected to the central HVAC. So, if your garage doubles as a workshop or you do your car maintenance, a ductless heat pump will make your garage much more comfortable at affordable prices.

3 – Guest rooms, Airbnb, and more

There are plenty of reasons to have a spare guest room in your house, whether you’re having a lot of company over or possibly renting the room out. Either way, it’s nice to give your guests the ability to control their own AC rather than relying on the central air. Ductless AC systems give them complete control over the room’s temperature without affecting the rest of the house.

4 – Basements

Typically, basements aren’t part of a central AC system – despite often housing the HVAC equipment. Hence, basements become too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Ductless heat pumps solve this problem and can make a finished basement far more livable.

Ductless Air Conditioner System Maintenance & More

Mt. Hood Ductless provides the best in ductless air conditioner maintenance, installation, and repairs to the Clackamas County area. Contact us to learn more!

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